Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Research Videos Contributed by Jane Cawley

Jane is the newest member of the PFN Steering Committee and a co-chair of Maudsley Parents. She has embarked on a unique mission to provide up-to-date information to families in video format. The videos below have been posted to the NEDA website and are worth viewing!

“Understanding Eating Disorders” Thomas Insel, MD, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health provides a brief overview of eating disorder research. Click here to view.

“Anorexia Nervosa in Teens: What Parents Should Know” Katharine Loeb, PhD gives advice to parents, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and family support. Click here to view.

“Cognitive Styles in Eating Disorders” James Lock, MD, PhD talks about cognitive styles as a risk factor for eating disorders and discusses cognitive remediation therapy as a potential treatment. Click here to view.

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