Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Handle My Eating Disorder in Your Home for the Holidays

From the article:  
"There are cookies and hams and mashed potatoes everywhere at the moment. You may have noticed this. You may be watching what you eat. If you have a teenage girl or young woman at your table over the holidays, she may be watching it more.

"For those of us who have struggled with eating disorders, being home for this season -- the combination of food and family -- is an incredibly fraught scenario. Factor in this year's debate about health care, and it's a potentially terrifying threat to us, to your daughter or sister or cousin. Her eating disorder, which is all about secrecy, is at risk of being exposed in the worst way."

Interesting perspective on ED's and the holidays.  One of the biggest mistakes family members can make is to criticize the food choices of people who are just starting to eat normally again.  I remember eating ice cream out of the carton on night after I came home from treatment for the first time, and my mother telling me I "shouldn't eat like that."  It took a long time for her to realize that food = medicine.

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