Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project Body Talk: A new site from author Harriet Brown

Check out Harriet's new site!  It features commentaries on a variety of body and health issues in a style similar to This American Life - i..e:  personal vignettes!

From the site:
Body image has become a hot-button topic in contemporary America. For women—and, increasingly, for men—there’s intense pressure to look a certain way: the unattainable thin ideal for women, and the unattainable buff ideal for men. Never before has so much time, energy, and money been spent talking about how we look—and how we think we should look.

Project BodyTalk is a safe place where people can share how they feel about their bodies and body image, their relationship with food and eating, and the cultural pressures that are so much a part of American life today.

We invite you to send us your commentaries—and to listen to other people’s. Record your story and submit it here. Learn about efforts around the country to spread body-positive messages and awareness. Start coming to terms with your body, whatever its size and shape, and see how that simple act can change your life.

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