Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bravo's Thintervention Inadvertently Recalls Horrifying Anorexia Lingo

Jackie Warner, one of the choicest reality TV lesbians of the modern era, is set to follow her first show Work Out with another Bravo reality program, this one entitled Thintervention with Jackie Warner. Catchy! Fierce! Totally ignorant of common, anorexia-related “thin” wordplay!

Thintervention uses the same pun as the chilling term “thinspiration.” Even a casual Google search of “Thinspiration” yields pages of anorexia-encouraging websites, forums dedicated to communal “pro-ana” experiences, and pin-up photos of emaciated teens that “thinspire” (or help trigger) eating-disordered behavior in like-minded women and men. What’s worse, “Thintervention” implies that Warner will intervene with out-of-shape patients and goad them into becoming “thin,” which is not the same thing as being “fit.”

The show’s official press release doesn’t save the title either, noting that the proceedings include “a grueling workout with Warner pushing her clients to their emotional and physical limits.” This might not be a terrible show. It just needs a titular overhaul, and fast.

On the plus side, maybe we’ll see less of Warner’s camera-eager indulgences like catty confessionals and staged trips to her father’s tombstone. She has large (or, petite and pointy) shoes to fill if she wants to reign as Bravo’s top didactic sorceress.

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  1. Is this real? They're actually making a show with "Thintervention" as the title? That's horrible.