Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eating Disorders Field Still Growing Despite Recession

Unemployment is not an issue among eating disorder treatment professionals. As health insurance coverage and awareness of treatment options climb, specialists in the field are still hard to find. Jobs are also open to marketing professionals and other non-medical workers, but open positions are not well publicized. A new website, EatingDisorderJobs.com, will alert job seekers to these job opportunities.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 15, 2009 -- As diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders improves, the need for treatment options increases, and the number of treatment facilities is on the rise. Recessionary conditions have not affected hiring in this industry, and job opportunities range from administrative professionals and marketing reps to clinicians such as nurses, therapists, and dietitians.

Job openings in the eating disorders field, although numerous, are poorly publicized, often hidden on treatment center websites that attract mostly patients looking for care. Anyone looking for work in the field knows their first job is just finding open positions. It's a tough biz to break into, and if you don't have a network, you don't have a chance.

But that's all about to change. With today's launch of EatingDisorderJobs.com, the wide world of eating disorders careers is open for business. As the only website dedicated to jobs in the field of eating disorders treatment, EatingDisorderJobs.com provides guidance and opportunities for recent grads looking for work, seasoned professionals open to change, and students planning ahead. They will all find a buffet of information - current job openings, career advice, continuing education, and more - all in one convenient and free location.

Owner Jessica Setnick says, "America is finally waking up to eating disorders as a problem with solutions. People are seeking help in numbers higher than ever before. But the field has traditionally been a 'who you know' profession. Finally there are so many jobs that none of us knows enough qualified people. This website will bring the employers and the job seekers together for the first time."

Current job seekers on the site include a chef and a videographer, in addition to the many expected therapists and clinicians. They all share the hope of a job that means something. Many are recovered and planning to give back to the profession that helped them during their own eating disorder. "The highlight of EatingDisorderJobs.com is the Advice from the Experts," says a member of the site, now recovered from anorexia and in school to become a dietitian. "It gives me hope that when I finish school I can be out there helping girls like me."

For more information, please contact Jessica Setnick at 214-503-7100

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